About Us

Who We Are

Kaps3 Nutra is a rising name in the global nutraceutical world.

We are a sister concern of Kaps3 Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, a well- established brand in the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong portfolio of 900+ products.

We at Kaps3 are in the business of medicines and improving lives since over a decade.

The science of living better has taken a giant leap with the onset of Nutraceutical products.

The world is ever evolving and becoming more and more demanding with your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep up with each passing day. It’s no longer a supplement but a necessity for the millennials.

Our team of health care experts went full power to launch our Nutraceutical brand under the name ‘Kaps3 Nutra Pvt Ltd.‘ with o World Class manufacturing facility that is completely certified with the highest accreditations of the medical world.

Kaps3 Nutra makes nutraceutical products that are like the magic foods that give you nutrition and can also be used as effective medicines.

We are proud to introduce ‘Kaps3 Nutra’ as India’s youngest Nutraceutical brand with a vision to become the leading name in this booming Industry.

We are currently making over a 100 unique nutraceutical  products across various categories and selling across domestic and 30 international markets.

These products include Gummies, Mouth Sprays, Effervescent Tablets, Protein Powders and more.

Next time, when you think of Nutraceuticals, think Kaps3 Nutra.

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